Pharma Acuity


Identification, Interactions & Mapping

Integrated information to enhance communications – with all stakeholders:

  • Clinicians
  • Allied Health Care Providers
  • Academicians
  • Researchers
  • Institution Administrators
  • Protocol & Guideline Authors
  • Regulators

Tier Segment Micro-Target

PharmaAcuity goes beyond static lists of KOLs & HCP names, affiliations & addresses.

We provide in-depth understanding of stakeholder relationships with peers, patients, pharma & biotech industry, and clinical decision-making bodies and we analyze the strength of those relationships.

We have data you can depend on:

  • We validate
  • We cross-reference
  • We quantitate & qualitate
Pharma Acuity Pharma Acuity Pharma Acuity
  • Academic leaders & Institution administrators
  • HCPs, PCPs & specialists, rare disease researchers, NPs, PAs, & physical therapists
  • Patient groups & advocacy leaders
  • Rising stars
  • Institutional & therapeutic area decision makers
  • Regulatory advisors

PharmaAcuity Delivers a 360° View for Strategic Stakeholder Activation

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    It’s Not Just a List of Who & Where They Are

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    It’s Who They Reach

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    It’s the Nature of Their Reach

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    The Strength of Their Reach

Reach the right KOL at the right time

  • Curated, continuously updated data that span local, regional, national & international areas
  • Parameters & databases that exceed standard sources
  • Analytics that delve deep for purposeful and actionable insights
Our HCP Identification & Profiling Analytics
Our Interactions & Influence Mapping
  • Gives a complete “picture” of HCP networks
  • Provides in-depth understanding of stakeholder relationships & the strength of those relationships
  • Uncovers unmet diagnostic & treatment needs in real time & over time
  • Creates your own customized HCP map based on your needs