Pharma Acuity


Virtual Engagements

Harnesses the power of AI to conduct deep, meaningful conversations with all stakeholders – anytime, anywhere.

  • Clinicians
  • Pharmaceutical Representatives
  • Advocates

Virtual Engagement – Real Connection

PharmaAcuity gives you on-demand, longitudinal data analysis.

Your Virtual Stakeholder & Sales Connection Tool:

  • Pinpoint your targeting & supercharge your reach
  • Qualify your interactions
  • Gain full research capabilities
  • Respond rapidly, in real-time to changes in stakeholder perceptions
  • real_time_connectionConduct “Real-time virtual connections”
  • schedule_meetingsSchedule meetings
  • advisory_boardsConduct advisory boards
  • webinarsConduct webinars
  • meetingsSocial listening is performed on the meetings/conversations
  • recordingGet recording of the conversation/transcript/minutes

High-Quality Communications = Long-Term Connections

  • Connect with the right PI for your clinical trials or ad board
  • Assess KOL perceptions throughout research and development
  • Qualify the conversation
  • Provide MSLs with more strategic information for interactions with clinicians and researchers
  • Improve collaboration and sharing with team members securely
  • Optimize opportunities immediately
  • Micro-target the right HCP
  • Gain feedback and respond quickly to sales needs
  • Gather accurate feedback
  • React strategically and quickly to change in the market
  • Monitor ROI
  • Energize your sales teams with virtual face-to-fact contact