Pharma Acuity

Digital Intelligence for Intelligent Decision-Making

PharmaAcuity – Your Trusted Partner for Powerful Data Gathering and Analytics.

Data quality is more critical than data quantity.

Our data are scrubbed & refined so that our ‘clean data’ input produces an accurate, up-to-date, dependable output.

Our proprietary AI algorithms & big data gathering & analytics provide real-time solutions to your complex industry challenges.

Our reliable, proprietary algorithms are built from clean data gathered from verified, up-to-date sources by our highly specialized life and data sciences teams.

  • "Big Data”

    The fuel for data analysis

  • "AI”

    The workhorse of digital intelligence

  • "Algorithms”

    The engine that drives data analysis

PharmaAcuity brings confidence to AI-powered data analysis

We know where our data comes from so you can have confidence in the output. Our AI-powered platform contains high quality data.
It eliminates outdated data, illuminates data blind spots and filters out white noise. True to our philosophy of AI supplemented expertise, our UI allows you to further correct, enrich and enhance the data.

  • 4+ Billion Healthcare Data Points
  • Purified
  • Refined
  • Curated
  • Integrated
  • Actionable Data Analytics


Our Organizational Commitment to ‘Big Data’ in the life science sector

Pharma Acuity Pharma Acuity Pharma Acuity
  • messaging

    Institutional mapping

    Digital tools to gather information about institutional ranking and influencers

  • Forecasts


    Powerful AI predicts sales in a competitive landscape

  • Virtual

    Virtual connectivity

    Big Data & AI improve your reach, qualify your conversations, & upgrade information assessment

  • Interactions

    HCP interactions

    Sophisticated analytics mine data to build your HCP team

  • Social

    Social listening

    Digital tools collect real-world evidence about key stakeholders, influencers, and their opinions

  • Competitive

    Competitive review

    Deep learning algorithms extract insight or competitive intelligence from medical congresses, as well as public and private data

  • Journey

    Patient & Caregiver journey insights

    First-in-class platform capabilities track & provide insights into end-user awareness & perceptions to pinpoint unmet diagnostic & treatment needs